AAIMA Solar Powered

Solar Water Cooler

Solar RO Water Plant

RO water purification plant & Solar water cooler

The need for solar RO water purifier with solar cooler

Do you know 25% of the Indian population is not grid-connected and an additional 30% with limited connectivity?

A solar powered RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UF (Ultra Filtration) plant is a boon for rural India since it makes safe drinking water available without dependency on intermittent / no electricity connectivity. A solar powered water purifier solution can help provide latest water cleansing technologies in remote and rural India.

Advantages of Solar Powered RO Systems & solar water cooler

  • Our solar powered water purifier systems & solar water cooler are designed to run with / completely independent of electricity supply as compared to typical water pumps that run on diesel or grid, or both.
  • Our solutions use the latest technologies of RO or UF & cooler for multiple input water quality ranges.
  • We offer automatic as well as manual water dispensing options.

Solar Powered Drinking Water Cooler & RO PLANT

MODEL AAIMA solar cooler


Cooler Storage Capacity: 40/80/100 Liter
RO plant capacity 10 lph to 500 lph

Depend on requriment size and capacity:

Height: 850 mm
Width: 340 mm
Depth: 340 mm
Stabilizer Required: 500W


school/office/village/ruralarea/forest House, Shop, Office etc.government office villages/laboratory/collage/university/corporation/bank/csr/ngo/religious place/hostel/hotel/